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Bingomatic Wireless Master Elegance

Bingomatic Wireless Master Elegance
Product ID:

Price: 389.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

With the same features as the Bingomatic Elegance, this machine has the added wireless facility to link it to the Slave Monitors (ordered separately) or our new Wireless TV Receivers below

* Large 100mm (4") Bright Red Solid Segment Audience Display.
* 20mm Bright LED callers display
* Easy to use with audio/visual jackpot/snowball facility.
* Attractive design and solid construction.
* Adjustable to any length of game.
* Callers panel 1-90 LED checkboard with last call indication.
* Caller controls timing of audience display.
* Callers display 20mm clear bright red LED digits
* Heavy duty operating buttons.
* Last call display
* Full game recall facility
* Jackpot/Snowball facility
* 'Transmit' light

Height 300mm (11 3/4")
Width 265mm (10.5")
Depth 130mm (5")

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